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Treasury News

ABS Revival Depends on Definitions
Success of European program purchasing asset-backed securities will depend on how regulators define 'simple.'

Bond Markets Tilt Toward Frankfurt
Stalling of Eurozone economies and ECB consideration of quantitative easing program are increasing leverage European markets have over bond investors.

SEC Shelves Rules for Private Securities
New disclosure requirements for public asset-backed bonds exclude private securities; critics see it as 'a massive hole' in the rules.

U.K. Wants EU to Block Russia From SWIFT
Incorporated in Belgium, SWIFT must comply with EU decisions.

Test of the Poison Put
Tim Hortons becomes test case for the strategy; bondholders have option of holding on through possible downgrade or selling at prices below pre-announcement level.

SEC Approves Asset-Backed Bond Rules
New disclosure requirements to give investors better information about the quality of loans backed by mortgages, auto loans, and commercial buildings.

Credit Raters Face New SEC Rules
Restrictions on conflicts of interest are designed to prevent rating agencies from pandering to the bond issuers that pay the bills.

Not Another Dot-Com Bubble
There are similarities between current stock market trends and the dot-com rally of the late '90s, but valuations aren't nearly as high.

Why Invest More in IT Security?
Need another reason to push for a more secure corporate network?

Building a World-Class A/P Function
How change makers in accounts payable are implementing best practices in cash flow, spend, and payments.

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