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Treasury News

Pay Attention to Bank Performance
Study suggests that implementing a formal process for monitoring bank relationships brings significant benefits.

CFTC Scrutinizes Swaps Practice
Regulator seeks further information about Wall Street tactics to avoid U.S. trading rules for overseas derivatives.

Large Banks Get 'Too Big to Fail' Subsidy in Crisis
GAO report finds the largest banks have more market advantage over smaller competitors in times of financial crisis than in economic boom times.

Ending 'Too Big to Fail'
Obscure change in derivatives contracts under development by ISDA would require a 'stay' preventing trading partners from calling in collateral when a bank nears failure.

Finance’s Critical Role in Incentive Design
Why companies need to tap the function’s analytical tools and quant mind-set in pulling together incentive compensation plans.

How Costly Would Argentine Default Be?
Default on Argentina's bonds may trigger $29 billion in claims, as much as all its foreign-currency reserves.

No Bonds, No Problem
As corporate bond trading volumes wane, some investors are using credit-default swaps to bet on whether bonds will rise or fall in value.

Obama Criticizes Inversions
Tax law needs to stop ‘corporate deserters,’ president says.

Money Fund Industry Embraces SEC’s Rules
The SEC's changes were less threatening than rule-making by the Financial Stability Oversight Council.

Money Funds Get New Rules
SEC votes to require prime funds to adopt a floating net asset value.

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