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HTMA leaders representing the organization at the annual AFP conference in Washington D.C.

Left to Right: Shawn Mire,
Lee-Ann Perkins, Sherra Turner

Treasury News

Fed Focuses on Financial Risks of Shadow Banking
Agency considers actions such as increasing margin requirements for broker-dealers, but its hands are tied by limitations on its regulatory reach.

CFTC Gears up for Fight with Workers
Tensions high after employees learn agency contracted to spend nearly half a million dollars on labor lawyers.

Saving Russia from the Abyss
The first female central banker of a G-8 nation has pulled the Russian economy back from the brink of collapse by making daring decisions and speaking her mind to Putin.

SEC Approves Mini-IPOs
Many public offerings worth $20 million to $50 million will be exempt from review by state regulators; shares may eventually be tradeable on 'venture exchanges.'

Bond Transparency in EU Will Protect Markets
ESMA chief says agency won't 'stop liqudity in markets' as it pursues goal of boosting transparency.

How to Move Into an Emerging Market
Entering a new market is never easy, but moving into an emerging market can be particularly intimidating. Here’s where to start.

Morgan Stanley CFO Heads to Google
Move by Ruth Porat reflects Silicon Valley's growing allure for Wall Street executives.

Shadow Banking Seems to Be Stabilizing
Indicators suggest the markets for money funds, repo agreements, and commercial paper may finally be bottoming out.

Why Junk-Bond Buyers Are Jumpy
Fed's confidence in U.S. economy and delay on raising rates should have made junk bonds appetizing for investors, but they haven't.

Getting the Most out of your Liquidity under New Regulations

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