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Treasury News

Fed Considering Capital Rules for Insurers
Agency seeks data as it works to tailor capital and liquidity standards specific to insurance companies.

Russia's Loss Is China's Gain
As capital flees Russia and the ruble drops, the RMB continues to climb the ranks of most-traded currencies.

Road Map out of the A/P Silo
How companies can use objective data and cross-functional collaboration to transform treasury and payments strategies.

Currency Risk Blind Spots
Responses to a recent T&R webcast poll indicate that companies have gaps in currency risk management, but they may not fix them.

FSB Supports Longer FX Fix
Agency recommends widening windows for setting benchmark rates, from one minute to five minutes, to reduce chance of manipulation.

Money Funds Brace for Even Worse Returns
As Fed caps reverse repos, rates drop further for high-quality short-term investments.

Russia Ready to Borrow Above 9 Percent
As ruble debt comes off worst quarter since 2011, government indicates it's ready to pay highest rate in five years.

Nitty-Gritty on the Margin Rules
The Fed’s proposed collateral rules for swaps trades are meant to exempt end users, but some treasury organizations remain concerned.

CEO Sentiment Slides
Survey suggests chief executives in the U.S. are a bit less optimistic in Q3 than they were in Q2.

Potential for Trade War in Swaps
CFTC member anticipates trade war in financial markets if U.S. and Europe can't better coordinate cross-border swaps regs.

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