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Treasury News

Risks in Leveraged Loan Market
How the unregulated, archaic system for trading syndicated corporate loans poses liquidity and other risks to pensions and other investors.

Court Decision Strengthens CFTC
Wall Street challenge to agency's jurisdiction of overseas swaps markets largely thrown out in U.S. district court.

Opportunity Knocks on the Future of ISO 20022

Banking On It
Stricter capital requirements are likely to raise the cost of credit and may also strain companies’ relationships with their banks.

Health Check
How to perform a “health check” on your banking relationships to ensure they are working effectively for you

Banks Tweak Products with Basel III in Mind
Earnings credit rate products broaden out; callable CDs are coming.

China Provides Liquidity to Key Banks
To stimulate growth, PBOC increased lending by 100 billion yuan to each of five banks.

Bond Market Dispels Inflation Alarm
As Fed winds down quantitative easing, investors' behavior indicates pessimism on economic growth and more fear of rate hikes than of inflation.

Bond Illiquidity from Volcker Rule
Corporate bond market may become even less liquid when Volcker Rule is fully in effect next July.

CFTC Watching Swaps Moves
As banks take steps to prevent overseas swaps trades from falling under U.S. jurisdiction, U.S. agencies keep a watchful eye on them.

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