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Treasury News

Russia's Rating Cut
Nation's sovereign debt approaches junk status with Moody's downgrade on sluggish economic growth.

The 4 Most Common Business Fraud Schemes
Sometimes the hardest crimes to spot are the ones perpetrated by people you trust.

U.K. Bank Payments System Restarts After Nine-Hour Shutdown
Bank of England cited flaw uncovered during maintenance.

Banks’ Libor Calculation Methods May Be Standardized
Regulator proposes expanded group of transactions on which to base submissions, as well as new methodology.

Dollar's Turning Point Aided by Investor Reversal
Waning interest in overseas stocks could bolster U.S. currency's gains.

Bring Clarity to FX Gain/Loss
The FX Gain/Loss line is the black hole of many companies’ financial statements. Here’s how to get a handle on what’s driving currency impacts to the bottom line.

Europe's Bond Markets Hurting
Flight to quality means flight away from government bonds in Eurozone, except Germany.

Is the Margin Exemption Valuable, After All?
As capital requirements and funding charges increase the price of derivatives transactions, end users may choose to reduce hedging costs by posting margin, even though they’re technically exempt from doing so.

Central Bankers Over Deflationary Barrel
Oil price slide has central bankers around the world, particularly at the ECB, worried about their ability to mitigate deflation risks.

Why Treasuries Rallied Big
As traders speculate rates won't rise till December 2015, Treasuries' yields fall most in five years.

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