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February 12, 2015

HTMA leaders representing the organization at the annual AFP conference in Washington D.C.

Left to Right: Shawn Mire,
Lee-Ann Perkins, Sherra Turner

Treasury News

Pros and Cons of Greece in the Eurozone
Since Alexis Tsipras was elected prime minister, investors and economists have been speculating on whether Greece will stay on the euro.

Mid-Cap Culture Shock: Payments Across the Pond
As companies headquartered in North America expand their business in Europe, they face a changing payments landscape.

Fed Stays Patient on Rates
Interest rates will likely begin rising midyear, depending on inflation and changes to the global economy.

RMB Cracks the Top Five
Chinese renminbi overtakes Canadian dollar to become the world's fifth most-commonly used currency for payments.

Venture Capitalist Bets on Bitcoin Revival
Last year, the virtual currency was a worse investment than oil or the ruble, but some investors are keeping the faith.

Treasury’s Pivot Toward the Strategic
Much has been written about the evolution of the corporate treasurer from number cruncher to partner in strategic decision-making. A recent survey helps quantify the shift.

Global Bonds Rally
Central banks around the world escalate deflation fight, and government bonds benefit.

EU Bank-Separation Push Falters
Bill to restructure banks deemed 'too big to fail' struggles to gain lawmakers' approval.

The Flight from Junk Debt
Investors continue to dump less-creditworthy bonds, despite the ECB's aggressive stimulus plan.

Ford's Bolivar Blues
Company will take a currency charge and will no longer include Venezuelan cash in corporate reporting.

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