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Treasury News

Goldman Sachs May Profit from Commodities Exodus
Barclays announced that it's exiting most commodities businesses, following JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley; Goldman Sachs stands to benefit.

"Golden Decade" Coming for Banking
Ex-Barclays executive sees a bright future for banks; sanctions on Russia are the one cloud on the horizon.

Why Putin Isn’t Scared of $115 Billion of Debt
That's the amount of debt Russian companies have coming due in the next year. With bond markets closed, many are taking bank loans—at a rising premium.

Russia-Ukraine Deal Crumbling
Ukraine may resume offensive against militants in the nation's east, as bodies of two Ukrainian politicians were found and Ukrainian military plane was damaged by gunfire.

Staying Upright on a Sea of Change
Three ways to leverage the tumultuous external environment to enhance the position of corporate treasury in the organization.

SEC Weighs Increased Broker Disclosure
In light of concerns about high-frequency trading, the SEC may require stock brokers to tell investors where they sent each order to be filled.

Bond Dealers Whipsawed on Treasury Bets
Wall Street's bearish stance on U.S. Treasuries is not paying off.

Company Defaults to Rise
Survey shows debt investors expect corporate defaults to rise as Fed tapering winds down and interest rates rise globally.

U.S. Warns Money Managers of More Russia Sanctions
Meeting with Treasury Department left fund managers wondering whether sanctions are coming or whether the government is trying to trigger asset sales.

Detroit Gives Pensioners a Sleight of Hand
City increases assumptions for investment returns based on 2013 returns, buys peace with unions by reducing cuts to monthly pensioner checks.

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