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Treasury News

Money Managers Also Drive High-Speed Trading
Amid regulator scrutiny of computerized high-frequency trades, SEC representative says current debate is too 'myopic.'

Leadership in an Increasingly Risky World
Alexander Hamilton Award winners discuss the rapidly shifting landscape for financial risk management and the changing role of the treasurer.

EU Moving to Curb High-Frequency Trading
European legislators are backing rules to keep the price increment for securities from being too small, require mandatory testing of trading algorithms, and more.

Trillion-Dollar Firms Dominating Bonds
SEC probes into the bond market were prompted in part by lopsided growth since 2008; the two largest firms now manage $3 trillion in bonds.

States Pursuing Cash That U.S. Companies Stash Overseas
In lieu of action at the federal level, several states have enacted legislation targeting corporate tax havens.

Performance Management Contingency Planning
Business contingency plans aren’t just for disasters. Performance contingency plans should become a routine feature of the corporate budgeting process.

Derivatives Clearinghouse Rules Softened
Reduction in money to be set aside against swaps trade is victory for banks.

Heartbleed Flaw Could Affect Two-Thirds of Websites
Security experts urge consumers to change their web passwords.

Federal Reserve Plays Down Own Forecasts for Rate Rise
Policymakers worry the market is overreacting to its interest-rate projections.

Tax Writers Clash on Extending Corporate Breaks
House Ways and Means Committee members weigh budget impact of extending breaks.

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