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HTMA leaders representing the organization at the annual AFP conference in Washington D.C.

Left to Right: Shawn Mire,
Lee-Ann Perkins, Sherra Turner

Treasury News

Fighting Corruption May Be Good for Business
A survey recently released by EY dispels the notion that compliance with anti-bribery and corruption policies reduces revenues.

Greece Given Hours to Save Place in Euro
Window is nearly closed on Greece's opportunity to retain Eurozone membership.

Is Fed Still Likely to Raise Rates in September?
Between the Greek drama and mixed domestic economic indicators, some now expect the Fed to hold off till December or later.

Restating Earnings May Mean Executive-Pay Clawbacks
SEC proposal would require companies that restate earnings due to accounting errors to reclaim a portion of bonuses to executives including chief accounting officers and VPs of finance.

Foreign Swaps Loophole Narrows
CFTC proposes broadening circumstances under which U.S. collateral standards apply to swaps trades of Wall Street banks' foreign affiliates.

Tweeting to Raise Capital
SEC issues interpretation that says companies can use Twitter messages to promote certain upcoming stock and debt offerings.

Greece Won't Cause 'Cross-Defaults'
Market activity today indicates that if Greece does default on its loans, the fallout will be contained.

Safety First in Europe
As Greece teeters on the brink of leaving the Eurozone, investors across Europe are buying gold and storing it outside the EU.

Wall Street May Save Billions on Swaps
Regulators reconsider whether to require banks to post collateral for swaps deals with their own foreign affiliates; advocates of the collateral rule say it would protect U.S. taxpayers.

Talks Under Way to Add Patent Box to U.S. Tax Code
Some businesses would win, some would lose, under proposals lawmakers are drafting to impose a lower tax rate on income generated from intellectual property housed in the U.S.

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