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November Dinner Meeting
November 17, 2015

HTMA leaders representing the organization at the annual AFP conference in Washington D.C.

Left to Right: Shawn Mire,
Lee-Ann Perkins, Sherra Small


The agenda is subject to change.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM


11:45 AM - 1:00 PM


Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Germer, SVP Finance Houston Astros

1:00 - 2:00 PM

Concurrent Sessions 

Payment Trends: Fraud, Risk Management, EMV

Matt Davies, Director of Payments Outreach, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

This presentation will cover several payment-related areas which are continually being monitored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, including recent trends in payments fraud and risk management, as well as the adoption of the Europay-MasterCard-Visa (EMV) standard, a.k.a. "chip and PIN" for processing credit card transactions in the U.S.

Evaluating the Strategic Role of Treasury in Your Organization

Robin Veariel, SVP, Senior Treasury Sales Officer, Bank of America

Discussion will revolve around how to transform your treasury into a more strategic partner in the organization. Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) will be defined as they relate to traditional working capital metrics around DPO, DSO and DIO, and then transferring that measurement philosophy to treasury performance metrics as well. We’ll talk about how to take your treasury team to that next level!

Is Your Bank an Apple or an Orange? (Comparing Apples to Apples Among Your Banks)

Bridget Meyer, Managing Partner, Bank Relationship Mgmt, The Montauk Group

Can banks truly be compared on an “apples to apples” basis? Learn how to use tools provided by the AFP and other sources to compare your banks’ pricing, quality of service, risk and profitability both domestically and internationally.

Due to the amount of information covered in this session, attendees should already have a base knowledge of treasury and banking services and account analysis statements.

Going Global via Ireland

Denise Magyer and David Evans, Allied Irish Bank

This session will discuss the benefits of doing business in Ireland (track record, talent pool, time zone and tax regime). The session will also provide a brief overview of the Irish economy and the speakers will provide practical insights into the various benefits U.S. companies achieve from using Ireland as a location for outbound investment. Ireland is a preferred location for many U.S. based pharmaceutical, medical device, software, technology, gaming and manufacturing companies. Recent entrants to Ireland include many of the ‘born on the internet’ companies, which leads to the question: why is Ireland so attractive to U.S. companies? 

CTP Course: Chapter 2 - The Financial Regulatory Environment

Karen Sasser, SVP Product Management Manager, Zions Bancorporation, Michael Cerda, Amegy Bank of Texas

Technology Trends in Treasury Management is one of the hottest topics in banking and business, as companies seek automation in their treasury operations. Everywhere one turns there are new announcements around new solutions, new players, and new entrants in the treasury and cash management space. What are the latest trends, and what does it mean for banks and business alike? This session will provide answers to those questions and more, including: Latest trends in receivable and payment processing. Market trends in mobile banking. Issues related to security and fraud prevention. What's next?

2:00 - 2:30 PM Middle of the Inning Break Sponsored by Amegy Bank of Texas

2:30 - 3:30 PM

Concurrent Sessions 

Don’t be a Victim: Help Protect your Business from Fraud

Michelle Young, Global Product Manager, Wells Fargo Bank

Today, about 30% of the workforce uses more than one device in more than one location to do business. As the number of devices workers use has grown, so have concerns about data security and fraud. Fraudulent activity is on the rise, including impostor fraud (also known as executive fraud). Additionally, security breaches have repeatedly proven to be a major threat for many organizations. In this session, an online and mobile banking leader from Wells Fargo will talk about data security and fraud protection in a world where multiple devices are essential for doing business.

This session will cover:

  • Common types of fraud and current fraud trends
  • Emerging threats, such as impostor fraud, and how to fight them
  • Network security and privacy risk
  • Best practices for keeping accounts and critical information secure
  • Safeguards to have in place to protect your data
  • Ways to use mobile banking defensively to protect your data, including fraud monitoring and alerts about account activity

Energy Risk Management Tools of the Trade

John Murphy, Intl FCStone

Description coming soon. 

Payment Optimization: Virtual Card payments a new “Standard A/P Settlement type” in the US, Canada and Europe

Sandra Bell, Pioneer Energy Services Corp., Debi Markland, Wells Fargo, Kevin Tipton, Debi Markland, Wells Fargo  

In this session you will hear how a large US drilling services company gained internal approval to implement this new vendor payment type, analyzed their target vendors, on-boarded vendors and benchmarked the growth in acceptance and financial benefit of the program with their executive management team.

Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR): Navigating the Bends in the Road

Mohan Murali, Axletree Solutions & Lisa Jackiewicz-Frazer, CTP, Chicago Bridge & Iron

Foreign Bank Account Reporting required by the IRS is causing blowback in the corporate world. Who has to file? Am I late in filing? Does my company file for me? -these are some of the commonly asked questions. In this session we will discuss the details of the FBAR filing and explore the tools to automate this regulatory challenge.

CTP Course: Chapter 8 – Working Capital Management

Madeline Sprague, VP-Trade and Supply Chain, HSBC Bank USA

Description coming soon.

3:30 - 4:00 PM 7th Inning Stretch Break Sponsored by Wells Fargo

4:00 - 5:00 PM

Concurrent Sessions 

Cyber Awareness (Then and Now), Phishing, Hacker Techniques, Defense Awareness

Jim Wilford and Chris Scott, BB&T

Description coming soon.

The New Look of Money Market Funds Post Reform

Tracy Hopkins, EVP at The Dreyfus Corporation

Description coming soon.

Global Payments: Beyond the G10

Greg Leven, Intl FCStone

Making global payments doesn’t have to be a headache. In this session attendees will learn about contracting for local currency competitive bidding, changing local currency regulations, just in time funding, reducing correspondents, and trade execution systems. Most corporations and financial institutions send USD overseas to be converted locally at the bank in the foreign country. This can be detrimental to obtaining the most efficient process possible because you have become a captive client and received the “rate of the day” from the local bank. Additionally if the current payment provider doesn’t have direct relationships with financial institutions in the particular country that you are sending funds to, it can lead to delays and lost funds. This session will pull back the curtain and provide transparency on what truly happens behind the scenes after you click “send”. The session is neutral and designed for both banks that are looking to expand their currency offering and generate more revenue for the bank AND for the corporations that want direct access to the currency markets. We will discuss difficult currencies to deliver such as Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Myanmar, Africa, SE Asia, and the Middle East. In depth examples of real life situations typically cause corporations and banks to raise questions throughout the presentation. This is especially true when the attendees have had problems in the past with the currencies we discuss.

"Modernizing the Payment Process”, Covering the move from Internet Banking to File Transfer/IP and SWIFT for Corporates

Chad Wallace and Xuan Nguyen, Capital One Bank

This presentation will cover how Corporates can streamline their accounts payables process by leveraging file based payment initiation or real-time messaging through SWIFT.  We’ll talk about how using these services can reduce overhead and cost related to the day to day processing with your bank’s online application.

CTP – Chapter 18:  Financial Accounting and Reporting

Mike Sultanik, Senior Vice President, Bank of Texas

This session summarizes Chapter 18: Financial Accounting and Reporting based on the Body of Knowledge for the CTP preparation program.  The chapter introduces the accounting principles that companies use to govern the creation of financial statements.  The chapter includes an overview of US accounting principles and how they differ from international accounting standards.  The chapter also discusses financial reporting statements as well as the opinions independent auditors render about the statements.

5:15 - 6:15 PM Extra Inning Reception / Speed Networking

This year the HTMA is excited to introduce "Speed Networking" discussions at the Space City Cash Conference in the general session room from 5:15 - 6:15 pm. This is an exciting, fast-paced, discussion format that leads to great networking. Attendees will visit a table with a topic moderator for 15 minutes. After discussing for 15 minutes at the table, attendees switch to another topic table. Discussion topics will include:

  1. What is your favorite or least favorite Treasury Technology?
    • What is so great or not about it?
    • How does it help you do your job better?

  2. Fraud (Who's got your back?)
    • Preventative Measures
    • Bank
    • Cyber Fraud

  3. Daily Hurdles faced by Treasury Professionals

  4. Cash Forecasting vs Weather Forecasting
    • Accuracy
    • Choose your words wisely
  5. What are your 2016 Initiatives?

  6. Developing relationship with other departments to ensure an accurate forecast
    • What are some of the challenges/hurtles?
    • What are you doing to promote this?

6:30 - 9:30 PM

Double Header: Astros vs Angels

Cocktail Reception with Ballpark Entrees 

Union Station Rooftop
Rooftop Cocktail Party Sponsored by SunTrust Bank

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